At Saga Car Rental Iceland, your safety and peace of mind are our priorities. With Iceland's high vehicle repair costs, we offer comprehensive insurance options to ensure worry-free travel. Our Premium Protection package provides extensive coverage with zero excess. For additional peace of mind, our Standard Protection package (SCDW) lowers your excess and covers key areas like windows, tires, and gravel damage. 

In addition to the Premium Protection package, we also provide a Standard Protection package (SCDW) which can significantly lower your excess in case of any damage. This SCDW covers common areas of concern such as windows, tires, and gravel.

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Collision CDW

Protection package

Standard SCDW

Protection package

Premium PCDW

Protection package
Theft protection (TP)
Collision damage waiver (CDW)
Windshield protection (WP)
Other windows and glass protection
Gravel damage protection (GP)
Tyres and wheels protection
Sand and ash damage protection (SAAP)
Undercarriage protection
Water damage protection (RFC)

Small cars, Family cars, Crossover and Mid-sized SUV

Price per day [EUR] Free 19.9 EUR 29.9 EUR
Excess [ISK] 2.700 EUR 600 EUR Zero excess
Deposit [ISK] No deposit No deposit No deposit

Electric, Large SUV, AWD cars and Minivans

Price per day [EUR] Free 29.9 EUR 39.9 EUR
Excess [ISK] 2.700 EUR 750 EUR Zero excess
Deposit [ISK] No deposit No deposit No deposit

Please read through the terms and conditions and check the FAQ for further information. If you still have questions please contact us.


Presenting our Roadside Assistance Waiver (RAW), a complete safeguard for your car rental experience, providing you with peace of mind while navigating the open roads. This essential addition guarantees that if you find yourself in need of roadside assistance during your rental period, you won't be burdened with any associated costs. Armed with this waiver, embark on your journey with assurance, secure in the knowledge that you're shielded from unexpected challenges on the road ahead. Embrace worry-free travels and optimize your rental with our Roadside Assistance Waiver.


Introducing our Sand and Ash Protection (SAAP+), your ultimate defense against the forces of nature. With SAAP+, you're fortified against unforeseen sand and ash hazards, ensuring a stress-free expedition. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Icelandic vistas without reservation, knowing SAAP+ has got your back. Drive assured, explore unhindered!