Akureyri Airport Car Rental Office

Welcome to Saga Car Rental at Akureyri Airport, the starting point of your exploration into the heart of Iceland's northern landscapes with the ideal vehicle for your adventure. As a premier car rental provider located at Akureyri Airport, we are dedicated to offering superior service and an extensive collection of quality vehicles, meticulously selected to navigate Iceland's diverse terrains.

Our assortment ranges from cost-efficient cars for those keen on economizing their journey to rugged 4x4s designed for the adventurers eager to traverse Iceland's more demanding paths. Choosing Saga Car Rental means more than just renting a car; it signifies the beginning of an unforgettable quest through the stunning northern vistas, supported by our unwavering commitment to outstanding customer care and dependable, high-quality vehicles.

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Explore Our Diverse Fleet

Explore Akureyri and beyond with our diverse fleet, available directly at Akureyri Airport.  Whether you're seeking adrenaline-fueled escapades or peaceful escapes, we offer the perfect car for every tale. 

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Comprehensive Coverage for Your Peace of Mind

Experience the ultimate peace of mind with Saga Car Rental's extensive protection packages throughout your rental period. With our thorough coverage, you're fully protected, allowing you to concentrate on the adventures that lie ahead. We ensure you're covered, so you can embark on your journey with confidence.

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Enhancing Your Journey with Added Extras

At Saga Car Rental, we go beyond the basics to elevate your rental experience with our suite of additional services. From mobile Wi-Fi units that keep you connected on the go to child seats ensuring the safety and comfort of your little ones, we're here to make your travels as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

Opening hours

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General opening hours 2024
1st Jan. - 31st Dec.
Monday - Thursday
Saturday - Sunday


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Holiday opening hours

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